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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beeteller?

Since 2018, Beeteller has offered local payment methods for international companies, helping Brazilians pay for purchases made in international websites, using local currency. Due to the secrecy agreement between the user and the merchant, we have no access to details of the order. Therefore, all information on product or service delivery and other purchase details must be requested directly from the merchant´s website.



What local payment methods are offered by Beeteller?

It is possible to generate charges via bank slip, credit card, digital wallet, crypto assets and bank transfer.

Can Brazilian users have a Beeteller account?

 Yes, but only to pay merchants with a Beetleer contract.

My payment was not identified in the merchant´s website. What should I do?

It is important to follow the guidelines included in the product invoice issued by the merchant. In case payment is not acknowledged, contact the merchant´s website for a reimbursement.

Does Beeteller charge service fees?

Yes, you find details on services fees and tariffs at

How does a user upload a Beeteller digital account?

We accept TED transfer (Express Wire Transfer) from the same CPF (Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry Identification) or CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entity), of a checking account with the same ownership. Deposits made in Bitcoin or BRT are also accepted.

Which is the annual transaction limit that can be moved in the Beeteller?

An individual can pay international companies a maximum of US$ 10.000,00 a year for products and services and a legal entity US$ 100.000,00 per year, to a single or several merchants.

Is it possible to increase the annual transaction limit?

Yes, just open a ticket at and send, via system, documents that attest the origin of the financial resource such as:  

  • Individual: Income tax and income tax return receipt

  • Legal entity: Financial Statement

Can I close a Beeteller account?

Just open a ticket at, or request directly from our APP.

Are withdrawals possible at Beeteller?

Yes.  However, withdrawals are allowed only via TED to an account with the same ownership. It is not possible to pay third parties.

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