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Integrated solutions for your business.

Connect our API to your systems, eliminate inefficient processes and onerous costs.

Integrations can't stop your business.

All Beeteller solutions have a simple and secure system for integration with the most diverse ERP systems, websites, e-commerces and APPs.


Easy integration and


We designed our API so your team doesn't waste time working on the integration and so you have control of the entire payment flow.

By integrating with Beeteller API, you create the best payment experience for your customer.


Sandbox environment

Test management via dashboard

Transaction status changes

Request your access key to the Sandbox

Validated! Do the onboarding

Get the credentials and start integration

Ready! Go live and enjoy a new payment experience

Integration with your ERP or system is easy and customizable.

Integrating with Beeteller´s API gives your business operational gain, time and cost reduction, process automation, and you even create your own financial ecosystem.

100% automated, safe and smart.

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