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Our department exists to defend your criticisms and suggestions, whether they are related to the company's services, products or processes.
We are also here to ensure that users can resort to a second instance here at Beeteller, when their demand has already been evaluated by the first level service channels. Therefore, it is essential that you have the ticket protocol number provided by the support and that it is already finalized.
At the Ombudsman, all demands will be treated with complete independence and impartiality. Some will be   resolved by our representatives, others we will intermediate with the responsible areas, following closely until their effective conclusion, therefore, the deadline for service is up to 10 (ten) days, counting from the day following the registration of the protocol. Our return will be through the telephones or e-mail contained in our register. Stay tuned, we will  at least 3 (three) attempts to contact you, on different days and times and, if contact is essential for   the solution, we will send you a message requesting a new contact with us.
All demands received by our channel will be used for the work of continuous improvement of our products, processes, services and customer service.
Beeteller Ombudsman


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